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Security and service levels were found to be the main barriers to online purchasing, according to an American Express internet report.

According to the survey, 35% of consumers have net access either from home, work, school or another location, compared to roughly three out of five people in the US (66%), Canada (60%) and Australia (60%).

The study also found UK consumers are the least interested in finding out more about the internet. Debra Davies, head of consumer cards at American Express, said: ‘The study shows that although the net is truly a global phenomenon, there are differences by country when it comes to consumer attitudes towards using the web. It is important we identify and help break down any barriers preventing people from purchasing on the web’.

An estimated 21 million UK consumers logged onto the web over the last 12 months, spending an estimated #12.9bn on online purchases. The study which polled 11,140 current and future internet users across 10 countries, found roughly half of Swedes and one in five Americans are either currently banking online or planning to in the future, compared with just 17% of consumers in the UK.

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