Taking Stock – Baker Tilly staff learn how to get ahead. Get yourself

Baker Tilly has stumbled on a novel method of attracting new clients.

Not only is it highly cost-effective, but the firm – fresh from its acquisition of Fraser Russell – does not actually have to do anything.

All a firm needs is a premises, which is easily accessible for potential clients and their four-legged friends to find.

This breakthrough came after Baker Tilly recently recruited a client to its London office.

Theresa Graham, a partner at the firm, recently innocently enquired at the first meeting with her new client what had lead him to her door.

He barked that for as long as he could remember he had been walking his dog the same way and it had continually taken fancy to relieving itself on one of the firm’s walls.

As a result, the dog owner thought that when he needed the services of an accountant he would repay the firm for the behaviour of his dog.

So there you have it, if you want to attract clients, install a dog friendly wall and let nature take its course.

It could just catch on, although it may spell the end of those freebie rugby, cricket, football and concert tickets.

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