PwC’s district society memo

There is soon to be an important EGM of the ICAEW. We ask you to read the note below from our partners Graham Ward and Peter Wyman and to cast your vote. We both intend to follow Graham’s and Peter’s recommendation and will vote against the resolutions which are being tabled by certain dissidents to disrupt modernisation proposals planned for our institute.

Keiran Poynter       Paul Boorman

Message from Peter Wyman, deputy president of the ICAEW and Graham Ward, Immediate past president of the ICAEW.

Members of the ICAEW will have received papers regarding an EGM which has been called by a group of dissident members. We are writing to you to take the trouble to vote AGAINST the proposals. Please do not let apathy allow a small minority to damage our institute, the reputation of the profession and ultimately, our earning power as chartered accountants.

Our proposals, which the dissidents are seeking to upset, will:

Modernise aspects of the management of the institute;
Maximise the efficient use of the Institute’s resources;
Greatly enhance the profile of chartered accountants;
Provide a regional structure to interface with business and government regional groupings;
Whilst preserving the present 22 district societies.

In addition to receiving voting papers through the post, if you have provided the ICAEW with your email address we will be emailing you with the web link which will enable you to vote online prefer.

Thank you for reading this and thank you, in anticipation, for voting.

Peter L Wyman deputy president, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Accountants in England and Wales.

Graham NC Ward immediate past president, Institute of chartered Accountants in England and Wales

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