IBM partners Sage on Linux platform

The agreement, in two parts, will see Sage Line 500 running on upgraded IBM data management software on Intel-based servers; the business management application will also be available as an integrated package on IBM’s eServer iSeries range, running Linux.

Sage Line 500 is aimed at mid-sized, fast growing companies.

Commenting on the agreement, Graham Wylie, Sage’s UK managing director, said: ‘Linux is becoming very important to the business community, which is why we have taken the decision to support it.’

Julian David, vice president IBM SMB Region North, added ‘With this announcement all three [Sage, IBM and Linux] are brought together to form an extremely compelling proposition for the prime platform to run a small business on.’

Linux is the worlds fastest grown operating system and is scheduled to outgrow six times faster than the current industry leader, Microsoft NT, in 2002.

Earlier this year,Microsoft Great Plains, confirmed its intention to move into the SME market, currently dominated by Sage.

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