PAC: Govt wasting money on consultants

Edward Leigh

Edward Leigh, chairman of the PAC

The all-party
Accounts Committee
has warned in a new report that the government is wasting
far too much money on consultants after it was revealed that spending on
advisers reached a whopping £2.8bn last year.

The PAC pointed out that almost half of civil servants said money had been
wasted – with 40% of officials who had hired consultants admitted using them

Further more the PAC said departments didn’t keep track of spending on
consultants or check whether they had the required skills in- house before
taking on help.

‘Departments routinely do not agree with the consultants any measurable
benefits to be expected from the contracts,’ said
Edward Leigh, chairman of the PAC.

‘Consultants are often paid simply on the basis of the amount of time worked
and not on what the work has achieved,’ he added.

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