It’s big, it’s turquoise but does anyone notice?

Concerned with negative media commentary on the standard of auditing in the
UK, the country’s biggest firm, Pricewaterhouse-Coopers, has splashed out on a
multi-media advertising campaign entitled ‘Value Your Audit’.

Described by a PwC spokesman as ‘intriguing’, the ‘Value Your Audit’ campaign
has involved a series of adverts in UK broadsheets, a massive billboard outside
London Bridge train station and the hosting of a web page.

The campaign intends to ‘redress public perception’ and ‘emphasise that
effective, quality audits provide long-term value to companies and to the market
as a whole’.

Glyn Barker, PwC’s UK head of assurance, said: ‘Accounts are used by a vast
number of people apart from shareholders. We want to stimulate debate on the
role of auditing in the wider community.’

On a grey Monday morning below the London Bridge billboard, however,
bewildered commuters appeared to be battling to make sense of why valuing your
audit is so important.

‘It’s kind of OK,’ said weary IT analyst Rob Tre, as he gazed at the giant
turquoise sign above the station.

Barrister Cairns Nelson said that the poster was ‘big’ – but he replied with
a terse ‘no’ when asked if he cared about it. Charity office manager Rose Pento
was slightly more animated, saying the sweeping billboard was ‘very eye-catching
for auditors’. But as she tried to grapple with its significance, her enthusiasm
began to wane. ‘I don’t know what it means,’ she confessed.

Grace Tebbutt was less forgiving, describing the signboard as a ‘waste of
money’, although nurse Maria Walker said she had noticed it before.

Publisher Alex Morrall seemed to be as ambivalent to the advertising board as
fellow passers-by.

Dwarfed by the towering hoarding, he said: ‘It’s too big to see it all, but
it doesn’t really mean anything to me anyway.’

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