New EC red tape threat

Link: ICAEW finds £6bn red tape bill

Messner, who served as prime minister from 1985 to 1988 and is now president of the Association of Accountants in Poland (SKwP), told Accountancy Age that ‘in every economy red tape is increasing’.

‘It is quite a surprise that since 1988 (when Poland turned its back on communism) there have been more and more documents. It was easier then,’ said Professor Messner.

He described the current situation as a ‘paradox’.

Professor Messner was in London to sign an agreement with ACCA Global, which will result in training members of the Polish body. Chief executive Allen Blewitt described it as a ‘win-win’ situation.

In a worrying statement on IAS, Professor Messner said ‘There are some people in Poland arguing for the adoption of US GAAP’ because IAS is not a stable platform. SKwP, however, still supports the international standards.

But it is the burden of red tape that has resulted in some institutional work needing to be completed before the 1 May accession date for new European Union members.

Messner said that local governments seemed to be better prepared for accession than the central govern-ment, because they are more used to dealing with Brussels.

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