IT News in Brief – 8 July

BASDA initiative

Accountancy software companies, through the trade association BASDA, have launched their own scheme to encourage electronic ordering and invoicing. BASDA’s eBIS initiative is designed to let small businesses use email and the Internet for orders, invoices, payments, even VAT and PAYE submissions, said association chief executive Dennis Keeling.

Virtual whiteboard Virtual Ink, a company founded by five MIT researchers, has developed an ‘electronic whiteboard’. Using a combination of ultrasound and infra-red signals, the mimio device captures the movements of whiteboard pens and converts them into computer data. The device, which weighs under 2lbs, has been tested in the US by firms including Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers. It will cost £349 to £399 in the UK.

Systems Union’s fast y2k fix ystems Union has released an accounting system that can be installed in 40 days. Intended as a fast year-2000 fix, the SPRINT2000 service includes four modules from the Sun Systems suite and basic management reporting features. For a maximum of 24 users it costs £140,000.

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