Taking Stock – ‘Hello there … I used to be a cognitor’.

Despite transatlantic ruptures between the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and their colleagues in the UK, the US cousins continue to push ahead with its answer to the MBA.

But the shock news is that the US institute will go ahead only after dropping the inspirational moniker Cognitor for its new groundbreaking qualification.

Outgoing AICPA chairman Robert Elliott said Cognitor was a concept ‘grounded in the marketplace’, and warned that if the AICPA did not develop it, somebody else would.

Fine. But would you take notice of a new recruit who entered the office and said: ‘Good morning, I am a cognitor.’ A what? A cognitor? Is that a Dr Who character? We leave you to decide. Mind you, rumour has it the name was suggested by an accountant from this side of the pond.

So devoid of a name, we at TS thought we ought to lend a helping hand to the AICPA.

How about Ekahau, the Mayan god of travellers and merchants, Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, or even Hermes, the Greek god of trade and commerce.

Perhaps the marketing guys that came up with Accenture might help. After all, no-one could pillory their name.

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