Senegal’s win hits company networks

Sporting events generally are know to gobble bandwidth as users ‘forget’ their business roles to catch up on the latest results.

But while most employers are not concerned with a little bit of personal use, they may object to mass surfing slowing down company networks.

Eversheds said: ‘Employers may even encourage [personal use] to make employees more used to using the internet. The main problem is where the line is drawn when it threatens the organisation’s efficiency. As well as the issue of lost employee time some organisations can see a detectable slow down of the system.’

‘A constant message [From Eversheds] is the importance of having proper policies in place so that employees are fully aware of what they can and can not do.

‘Whilst software might help – subject to an organisation’s employee policy allowing it and complying with the regulations – it can only be part ofthe answer.’

The group warns that employers should take steps to have proper policies in place before England begins its World Cup matches.

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