More delays for corporate killing bill

Link: Corporate killing: Who’s to blame?

The bill was due to be announced this autumn in the Queen’s speech, but is now expected to published in draft form only, before the end of the year, the Home Office told the Financial Times.

This will be yet another blow for the relatives of victims of disasters such as the Potters’ Bar train crash and Southall crash, who have seen the proposed bill delayed time and time again.

In May, home secretary David Blunkett announced that a draft bill on corporate manslaughter would finally be published in the autumn introducing the new offence of corporate killing.

If passed, a company or an organisation as a whole could see themselves charged with the offence of corporate killing where, as the result of systematic management failure resulting in death, their behaviour was found to fall below what could be considered ‘reasonable in the circumstances’.

The original proposal to include crown immunity for the government has already been criticised for creating an uneven playing field.

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