Taking Stock – Bringing out animal instincts.

Ponderings at this time of year tend to centre on Christmas presents, food, parties and all other such events of a festive nature.

But, not for accountants. The London Society Chartered Accountant’s Grant Jones has been warning employers to take preventative measures against fraud.

‘An extra bit of cash comes in very handy at this time of year and so the temptation for staff to fiddle their employer becomes stronger,’ said Jones.

Jones has gone much further in his attempt to prepare employers against the worst scenario of office fraud by helpfully pigeonholing staff into four basic types: donkeys, hawks, wolves and vultures.

Jones believes that donkeys tend to be supermarket check-out operators; hawks, car salesmen; wolves are dockers and airport baggage handlers; while the most scathing of description – vulture – goes to delivery drivers.

He recommends employers should maintain a robust accounting system, get the auditors in and treat staff well and make them feel valued. This Jones claims is a sure-fire way of keeping the vultures and wolves at bay during the festive season. TS isn’t sure which animals represent accountants.

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