Government off course for e-targets

Research from electronic forms manufacturer Toplevel Computing found less than four per cent of respondents used electronic statutory and government forms, making government one of the most paper-dependent organisations assessed.

The report will come as a blow for government agencies like the Inland Revenue which has suffered a rash of troubles since it attempted to launch its much-maligned online self-assessment filing system.

Government officials, led by e-envoy Alex Allan, have set a deadline of offering 100% of its services online by 2005 and make the UK the best place in the world to carry out e-commerce by 2002.

‘You can’t consider that using paper at any point in the document cycle enables you to reap the benefits of electronic data collection. If the government is trying to set a standard for UK business, it has a long way to go,’ said Jane Roberts, spokeswoman for Toplevel Computing. ‘If you check the online government services that claim to be electronic, in the vast majority of cases you still have to print and mail the document.’

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