Arctic judgment will stand for SA claims, says HMRC

Businesses such as Arctic Systems should file their tax returns in accordance
with the Court of Appeal judgment in the case, HM Revenue & Customs has

In an unusual step, the tax authorities have offered further guidance for
businesses uncertain over the implications of the case, saying that ‘the Court
of Appeal judgement represents the law as it now stands. It follows, therefore,
that taxpayers whose circumstances are consistent with the situation in Jones v
Garnett are entitled to self assess or, within the time limits allowed, amend a
self assessment in accordance with that judgement.’

Open enquiries will also be kept open, the statement says.

The Revenue announced earlier today that it would be appealing in the
landmark case, which concerns the payment of dividends and salaries to maximise
allowances available to family-owned businesses.

The Professional Contractors’ Group has also said that it will continue to
back the Jones’ legal battle in the Lords.

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