Deloitte forum encourages PPP partnerships

Former US secretary of
transportation Norman Mineta
, speaking at the
Global Forum
in Washington, has claimed that public-private
(PPP) can
help solve the ‘current mess’ of a lack of public infrastructure around the
‘Our productivity is being compromised by a nightmare of slow-motion,
stop-and-go traffic, even on weekends. It doesn’t have to be like this:
Public-private partnerships offer a way out of this mess,’ he said.

‘We’re seeing massive growth in public private partnerships (PPPs) globally,’
added Bill Owens, former governor of Colorado and vice chairman of RBS Greenwich

‘That’s because governments are confronting massive deficits in public
infrastructure, and long-term solvency requires these partnerships across
industry. As more PPP success stories emerge internationally, government leaders
are also realizing that a PPP is different from outsourcing, and that higher
quality, more efficient infrastructure is achievable,’ he said.

The Deloitte Global Forum gathered around 140 business and government leaders
to discuss the serious deficit in public infrastructure and share their
experiences applying public private partnerships.

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