Accountant sues TV evangelist’s son

The son of global television evangelist Oral Roberts has been embroiled in an
accounting scandal at the Christian university founded by his father, after a
senior accountant accused him of giving orders to ‘cook the books’.

Instead of booking tens of thousands of dollars as assets, Richard Roberts,
who is also the former president of the university, is alleged to have told the
Oral Roberts University’s senior accountant to book them as expenses.

He then fired the accountant on the day an audit was scheduled to take place.

According to court papers filed by the accountant – now accusing Roberts of
wrongful termination – Roberts used nearly $123,000 of university funds to
remodel his home, reported.

The evangelist’s son resigned last week amidst a flurry of accusations that
he also used university money to finance holidays, shopping and horses.

Two other professors are also suing for wrongful termination, after they
accused Roberts of abusing university finances.

The university also faces lawsuits from two students claiming the scandal had
lowered the value of their degrees.

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