Charities put under finance watch

Published yesterday, the report shows that 1,152 evaluations in the year to March 2001 were carried out among English and Welsh charities. Some 212 of these evaluations led to formal inquiries ‘and directly protected Pounds 28.5 million of charitable money’, according to the commission.

Having secured a 20% increase in government funding from April 2002, the commission plans to implement a ‘rigorous visiting programme, an increase in investigations activity and enhance significantly the commission’s ability to monitor, supervise and serve the sector’.

Chief charity commissioner, John Stoker, said: ‘With over 180,000 registered charities sharing a combined income of over Pounds 25bn, regulating and advising the voluntary sector is vitally important. Accountability and transparency are increasingly demanded of charities and it is right that they are also expected of the Charity Commission. This report reflects how much the Commission’s work has developed to meet the swift pace of change across the sector.’


Charities – All change – not small change

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