One hundred web pages added every second

According to internet mapping research conducted by ebusiness intelligence company Cyveillance, almost 100 web pages are added every second. In fact, the total number of unique, publicly available web pages has recently exceeded the 2.1 billion mark, according to the research.

Cyveillance predicts that the size of the internet will double again over the next year and the acceleration rate will only get faster, giving us nearly four billion available pages in the first part of 2001. The study also found that the US is responsible for churning out more than 85% of these pages.

But size isn’t everything. Cyveillance says that it is actually damaging ebusiness. ‘As the internet grows, so does the knowledge gap between what companies know and what they don’t know. This translates directly into lost opportunities and lost revenue,’ said Wolfgang Tolle, Cyveillance chief technology officer.

‘More than ever, companies need to gather ebusiness intelligence not just from their own corporate websites but also from the other two billion pages on the internet that may be impacting their businesses,’ he added.

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