Offshore outsourcing sees continued rise

Boom times in offshore outsourcing are set to continue with over
three-quarters of large companies increasing their activities, according to
research by sourcing advisory company TPI.

The study, based on a survey of 100 senior UK executives responsible for
outsourcing within large companies, revealed that 81% planned to increase
offshore outsourcing over the next two to three years, while only 4% expected to
see operations dip.

Duncan Aitchison, managing director of TPI said: ‘Our survey results clearly
indicate that there is very little disillusionment with offshore outsourcing.
However, there is a general shift towards more sophisticated sourcing strategies
as the global sourcing market comes of age.

The research also showed that many companies, while intending to grow
offshore operations, were readjusting activities they base offshore. It said
that businesses were increasingly taking a global view of sourcing, separating
processes out and deciding whether each one would be best based offshore,
nearshore or onshore.

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