Air tax hike won’t stop people flying

Three quarters of people will not be deterred from flying and will not change
their travel plans despite a rise in
passenger duty tax,
a survey by
Travel insurance
has found.

According to the Treasury, the
increase in duty is to reduce air travel and help protect the environment. Air
passengers face a 7% increase in the cost of the average short-haul flight.

But research by Prudential Travel insurance found that despite agreeing in
principle to an increase in air tax for short-haul flights, almost a fifth – 19%
– of British people do not think they will fly less in future to reduce their
carbon footprint.

The research also found that of those planning to travel in the next 12
months, a quarter were completely unaware of the rise in air passenger duty.

Just 3% felt discouraged about flying in light of the increase.

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