IT File – Accountancy Software – Breakthrough for Maconomy as it

Accounting software provider Maconomy has signed an agreement with Nokia which will allow it to use the mobile telephone giant’s technology in its products.

The agreement, described as an ‘international breakthrough for Maconomy’, will allow Copenhagen-based Maconomy to integrate Nokia’s WAP server software with its wireless-based software.

Additionally, the agreement will allow Maconomy to bundle and resell Nokia’s WAP software with it’s network-based e-business software.

Maconomy’s WAPTIME wireless offering was released last December – and is aimed at service enterprises and project organisations.

‘This agreement is an international breakthrough for us,’ said Per Tejs Knudsen, Maconomy CEO. ‘We are already recognised as an industry leader helping service industry companies to automate their business. The co-operation with Nokia is a concrete acknowledgement of our technology and this will help us further increase our international market penetration.

‘Several major customers – including IBM – are already using our WAP-based products. With this agreement we have an even stronger offering for corporate users.’

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