KPMG sets up retail ‘think tank’

KPMG has launched the ‘Retail Think Tank’ (RTT) aimed at establishing ‘the
true health and status’ of the retail sector.

The Big Four firm has joined forces with retail research group SPSL to form
the RTT after claiming that there are too many mixed messages from different
data sources claiming to give a true view of the health of the sector.

‘The aim of the RTT is to provide the authoritative, credible and most
trusted window on what is really happening in retail and to develop thought
leadership on the key areas influencing the future of retailing in the UK,’ the
firm said.

The RTT will provide quarterly reports on the retail sector based on ‘key
influential data streams’ and discussion with nine leading experts representing
‘all major aspects’ of retailing.

Its first report will be published shortly after its first formal meeting on
11 July.

Helen Dickinson, a partner at KPMG and joint founder of the scheme, said:
‘Now that we have had our first meetings I am confident that the nine of us will
be able to produce some very meaningful metrics which will be of significance to
everyone involved in retail.”

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