Deloittes champions new security system

The firm is hailing the PitBull System as one of the best in internet security after its Enterprise Risk Services Secure e-Business team tried to hack into its own system to see if the new security device could withstand the test.

Yag Kanani, partner in charge of the team, said: ‘Our consultants’ primary objective is to make clients aware of the need to provide greater security and, secondly, to advise our blue chip clients on the latest technology available to most effectively reduce e-business security risks.’

The system is designed on an ‘intrusion prevention system’, which is increasingly regarded as the next generation of security measures for e-business. US-based PitBull claims firewalls and similar security measures allow hackers to exploit security holes and bugs in software applications or processes.

The company is so confident of its product that it goes as far as hosting ‘open hack’ events challenging hackers to beat its security system.

Yerou added: ‘In our latest open hack event in Germany, more than 1.4 million attempts were made, but no one managed to penetrate the system.

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