E&Y’s Otty adds to brand mystery

Mark Otty, E&Y

Mark Otty, E&Y

Two separate sources told Accountancy Age last week that designs for
a global rebrand were in the pipeline, but global figures played down any moves.

Otty (pictured) said this week when revealing his firm’s annual results: ‘I’m
not aware that we’re doing any major rebranding,’ but refused to completely rule
out the possibility.

‘If you’re talking about rebranding – are we going to change our logo, and
all that sort of stuff, it’s unlikely, but it’s the sort of debate that you
would have in an organisation like ours every couple of years,’ said Otty.

‘We don’t have any massive conversations going on around this at our global

The firm revealed growth of 9% last week, missing the target Otty set earlier
this year for double-digit growth. Otty said, however, that E&Y had come in
ahead of internal budgetary expectations.

Otty added that revenue from helping on big M&A deals and other
‘transactional’ income would be the key variable going forward for the Big Four
as Sarbanes-Oxley and IFRS work had now dropped off.

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