The Financial Week Ahead – Newswatch: Tories fuel of confidence.

Party leader William Hague will open this year’s bonanza ahead of the Labour Party for the first time since 1992, following a Gallup poll last week that put the Tories on 40%, with Labour on 35% and the Liberal Democrats on 16%.

Shadow chancellor Michael Portillo is likely to renew his calls for Gordon Brown’s resignation for misleading the public over the Ecclestone donation.

Portillo last week also pledged a three pence petrol price cut, which would mean an average family would save £1.85 every time they filled their petrol tanks.

The shadow chancellor claimed that the cuts were carefully costed and would be possible without affecting government spending or public services.

This month the Conservative draft manifesto, Believing in Britain, called for deregulation and tax cuts to boost the UK’s place in the global economy and continued opposition to the single currency.

Taxes targeted for the scrap heap include the proposals to tax independent consultants as if they were employees under the IR35 proposals, drop the proposed climate charge levy as well as target red tape at home and in Brussels.

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