Taking Stock – The beeb – the truth is out where?

The fact it manages to create quality programming is even more remarkable since it appears the left hand of the organisation doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

Recently the Corporation was asked what appeared to be a simple question: how many staff work within the finance department at the BBC? Not a complicated question. Not something that could over tax the great bureaucratic minds of Auntie. Indeed an answer should just be a short phone call away, you would think.

However, after two days of trying to lever an answer from deep within, and much shuffling of paper, officials managed to come up with the reply, ‘We are unable to put a figure to the number of financial staff we employ.’ Obviously no one with accounting experience is keeping a tally of the finance workers.

TS can only hope the management will, at some point, discover how many they have – especially when the beeb has announced it is to create 27% overhead savings – part of which will involve losing employees. Exactly how do you cut a percentage of the unknown? ?:

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