Ex-Deloittes partner to face tribunal

Link: JDS costs drive institute to £1.3m loss

Complaints will be heard against Stephen Edward Ives FCA, formerly of Deloitte & Touche, and another accountant, Dineshkumar Shanabhai Patel FCA, by a Joint Disciplinary Tribunal, following an investigation by the executive council to the JDS, Chris Dickson.

The complaint is in relation to the circumstances in which Ives acquired a Ranger Rover from Capital Corporation plc, which Ives was auditing at the time, as part of the audit team at Deloitte & Touche.

The complaint also examines how Capital Corporation was paid for the vehicle, and the circumstances in which other partners at Deloittes were allegedly misled about the facts surround the acquisition of the car.

In addition, the tribunal will also look at the Ive’s and Patel’s alleged obstruction of the investigation, and their alleged failure to comply with the investigation.

A report on the tribunal will be published.

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