Ex-Aussie cricket captain in tax probe

, one of Australia’s most capped cricket players, is being
investigated in relation to offshore tax avoidance, joining
Shane Warne and other
Australian cricketers who have been dragged into the nationwide probe.

According to The Age newspaper, Border has been questioned by tax

The offshore accounts of Border and Warne were managed by tax haven expert
, who is also under investigation by the Australian Tax
Office, as part of the massive Project Wickenby investigation.

It is alleged that Egglishaw’s accounting business, Strachans, engineered tax
avoidance and tax evasion schemes that helped to deprive the Australian
government of about A$300m (?120m).

Border told The Age that he entrusted only a small amount of money
to Egglishaw and that all his income was properly declared. ‘My involvement is
just guilty by association,’ Border said. ‘I’ve always declared any income I’ve
earned overseas.’

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