TakingStock – Hope springs eternal, Darling /Hats off to the Magpies.

Magistrate and ACCA discipli-nary committee chairman Anne Darling stood before the institute’s council meeting last Thursday and proclaimed she ‘always had been and now really needed to continue to be an optimist’.

The council was aghast. Members held their breath, anticipating appalling news of negligence and corruption. The remarks had come as she prepared to present her research findings into the work of the correction committee.

But no. Darling’s mind was miles away from her disciplinarian subject.

Optimism was the watchword ‘because this weekend we’re playing Man Utd at home,’ said Darling, obviously a rabid Newcastle United fan, to a relieved council. You needn’t have worried Darling, the Magpies won 4-3!

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