PwC latest entrant to ‘web assurance’ market

The system, beTRUSTed, will work by developing, managing and tracking ‘digital identities’ – numerical keys provided to individuals and companies that will be used in all business to business transactions over the web. The move follows growing concerns about security and advice from experts that existing firewalls, passwords and other hi-tech devices are less than adequate in combating security breaches.

In a world where distance no longer rules business transactions, meeting business contacts is often a practical unreality. Therefore, a digital certificate is viewed by many as the next logical step in guaranteeing trust for both parties involved in a business deal.

PwC said the digital identity goes a step further than current web assurance seals, which only protect consumers. beTRUSTed is designed to safeguard both consumers and businesses.

Alastair MacWillson, PwC partner responsible for the new service, said: ‘The issue of who to trust over a public network with millions of participants, and how much trust should be placed in their certificates and signatures, is as much a business issue as it is a technology one. While the technology continues to move forward the basic tenets of trust and legal issues are lagging behind. beTRUSTed will become a predominant provider of internet security services addressing these issues.’

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