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Accounting software giant Sage has teamed up with IT leasing, finance and rental specialist Syscap to launch a tailored finance programme for resellers.

The SageFinance Scheme is being launched at the Sage Expo event this week.

Under the scheme, Sage resellers will be able to offer a leasing service to customers who have previously been put off investing in new accounting infrastructure because of the need for a large initial cash injection.

The scheme can be used to fund Sage business software as well as any necessary hardware and related support services, explained Nigel Hudson, managing director of Sage’s new business division.

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Business intelligence software provider Hyperion, has released Planning 2.0 and Business Modeling 2.0. The solutions align day-to-day operations with more strategic tasks to aid more informed decision-making. ‘Using Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Business Modeling together will provide organisations with the ability to move beyond traditional budgeting.’ said a spokesman.

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SAP will next year provide enterprise software over the internet in a bid to expand its customer base. The company’s development of web services will allow customers to integrate specific SAP applications into their existing business software without having to invest in a new IT infrastructure.

Called mySAP Technology, SAP has developed a Java-based system that includes an exchange and integration infrastructure, a web application server and portal infrastructure to provide firms with a cost-effective method of getting the right applications for their business.

SAP alliance could drag down profits

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