Taking Stock – Chas helps out the Beeb.

Arthur Fowler would turn in his grave. There is currently more bankruptcy on Eastenders than at an R3 convention.

But hold on. Who’s helping out the script writers of Albert Square with their technical information?

Yes the accountancy world’s favourite tax expert, and ACCA’s media supremo, Chas Roy-Chowdhury is helping out the BBC with its soap.

Apparently, though Ian Beale’s business is going belly up, another will be going the same way by the end of spring, and Chas is helping make sure the Beeb gets the details right.

However, Chas is sworn to secrecy and won’t say what the next plot turns will be. By all accounts it will be a tax fraud which brings about the next financial downfall.

Chas knows a bit about fraud? Nuff said.

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