Entrepreneurs rally against MPs

Coordinating the mass mailing is the Federation of Small Business, which represents around 170,000 businesses in the UK.

The pile of forms – almost ‘the thickness of The Lord of the Rings’ – in question is the PAYE Employers Pack which contains 17 items including a statutory sick pay manual, National Insurance tables, tax codes, tax tables and employers bulletins.

Bill Knox, FSB employment spokesman, said: ‘The forms and guides are forever changing and need to be read and understood by all employers, even if they employ just one person. Many entrepreneurs dread taking on their first employee because of all the red tape involved.’

The decision to launch the campaign now, is due to the imminence of a new employment bill, which is winding its way through Parliament. The bill includes proposals on employment tribunals, flexible working and parental leave.

Knox added: ‘There is no doubt the bill is hard on small employers which can only harm productivity. The Inland Revenue’s Employers Pack will be even more complex once this bill becomes law.’


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