IFAC goes online

IFAC’s intention for its new website,, is to create a virtual space for accountants from around the world to debate, question and exchange views on a wide range of international accounting issues.

IFAC general director Peter Johnston, said: ‘The site is designed to provide the 2.1 million accountants represented by IFAC member bodies with a resource for international standards and guidance in the areas of auditing, education, ethics, financial and management accounting, information, technology and public sector accounting.’

The site will feature online accountant forums, technical committees and updates of guidance on global accounting and auditing rules.

Following the IOSCO’s endorsement of global accounting standards, the web site will prove ever more useful to the world’s accountants as they endeavour to harmonise standards.

The recent push to bring IFAC further into the forefront of the accounting profession was further enhanced last week by Mary Keegan, head of global corporate reporting group at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

‘I’m proud to be part of a profession with the foresight of 25 years ago to set up IFAC and IASC (International Accounting Standards Committee),’ said Keegan, who also urged IFAC and accountants the world over to shout about their achievements.

Johnston added: ‘Through online forums, feedback forms and other interactive areas, the site provides a means for our technical committees to gain input from these accountants on the issues they are grappling with in their own countries and their needs for new guidance.’

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