Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing, says KPMG

The net result is that employees do not have the time to share information.

A third of the companies surveyed for the report compiled by KPMG Consulting had failed to introduce incentive measures to reward knowledge sharing.

Investment in technology to manage information may therefore be wasted money if employees cannot handle the volume of knowledge.

David Parlby, partner at KPMG Consulting, said: ‘One major issue companies appear to have missed is whether their workforce is using the knowledge management system to its best advantage. A significant number of respondents reported problems at the “grass roots”. Many companies assume that these are teething problems that will disappear as users familiarise themselves with the new system.

‘In reality the problem is that many projects were designed in a vacuum, without due consideration to employee needs. Unless these issues addressed, companies risk wasting the considerable resources that have invested, and are unlikely to realise the full bottom-line benefits.’

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