VIPs to face HMRC’s wrath after amnesty

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The UK’s most famous and important people, including politicians,
sportspeople and entertainers, will be lined up by HM Revenue & Customs if
they fail to disclose tax liabilities during the upcoming tax amnesty, warns

HMRC has set 22 June as the date by which any tax
evaders can make a disclosure to the taxman and benefit from a less harsh
penalty regime than would normally be expected.

Accountancy Age revealed this week that people
expected of evading tax who did not disclose would face the full wrath of the
taxman, including enquiries straight after the passing of the deadline, with
HMRC’s crack team of investigators from the special investigations unit prepared
to act.

suggests the unit will name and shame celebrities to generate maximum
publicity and discourage further tax avoidance.

PKF tax investigations partner John Cassidy said: ‘The A-list and those on
the annual ‘rich lists’ will be hoping this is one list they’ve managed to stay
off. We believe HMRC will target fewer than 100 of these top people because,
after the initial blanket disclosures that the offshore facility is hoped to
bring, their investigations teams are after quality rather than quantity as well
as wanting to send a message to the public generally.’

He expects those targeted will face show trials.

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