FDs guard against Euro 2004 absenteeism

As many as one in three finance directors have said they will be keeping a careful eye on time keeping and absenteeism among staff once the competition kicks off this Saturday.

England’s competition begins against France on Sunday, fortunately, because the latest Accountancy Age/Reed Big Question survey shows 35% of FDs concerned about time taken off work to see matches on the TV.

Question one: Will you be making special preparations for staff who watch games during Euro 2004?


However, not all staff will be shown yellow cards because 33% of FDs also said they would be making special arrangements for staff to watch the games.

John Buckley of Sauter Automation said he would staff to ‘start work early and then leave at 4.30pm to be at home, or in the pub, in time to watch the match at 5pm.’

Question 2: Will you be warning staff that you will be monitoring absenteeism and time keeping during the tournament?


The survey also revealed low expectations for the English team. Making a dour prediction for the national side Kevin Tomlinson, FD at Signam, said: ?after losing 4-0 to France in the opener I am not anticipating many requests for time off.?

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