FDs split over May Day protests

Two in five FDs polled in this week’s Accountancy Age/Reed Accountancy Personnel Big Question said they thought the protesters were right to highlight the issue. But almost the same number said the opposite, while one in five remained neutral.

‘It’s all profit, profit, profit. Companies no longer look after employees and are only interested in making money,’ said one FD.

Richard Bain of Gamepath Ltd said: ‘The protests are just a reminder that we accept a lot of what is dictated by the corporate world.’ John Andrews, managing director of Fine Arts, like many FDs, was adamant in his stance against protesters. ‘Of course not, get a job,’ was his response.

Another said: ‘If the alternative is to be ruled by such a bunch of violent non-contributors, any deficiencies in the existing structure would pale into insignificance.’

Although this year’s demonstrations were not particularly violent, many appeared influenced by previous protests where hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage had been caused.

FDs on all sides mentioned the threat of violence. One FD, who believed people had the right to protest, said: ‘Yes, but the violence is NOT on.’


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