KPMG tax partner to aid passage to India

Marks & Spencer India

Marks & Spencer in India

Many UK retailers are currently looking to get a foothold in India, including
& Spencer
. It is envisaged that Amarjeet Singh, a tax partner in KPMG’s
Indian practice, will advise clients looking to move the country, and also those
Indian clients hoping to expand into the UK.

Singh will be with KPMG
for two years, based in London. He has over 16 years’ experience in areas like
real estate, retail and oil and gas.

He said: ‘India is a huge investment opportunity for Europe. Europe is
India’s largest trading partner with just over 25% of our exports going to
Europe and a similar percentage of our imports coming from there.’

KPMG’s head of tax Sue Bonney said: ‘There is massive demand from European
clients for quality advice on the tax and regulatory environment around
investing in India and vice versa. We look forward to benefiting from Amarjeet’s
knowledge and expertise.’

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