Audit Commission chief to step down

Steve Bundred, the chief executive of the Audit Commission, the body that
audits local authorities, is to step down next year.

His departure was announced in an Audit Commission blog.

In a statement for the blog he said: “I will move on from the Commission with
a real sense of achievement, knowing it is in good shape – but with mixed
feelings at leaving colleagues with whom I have greatly enjoyed working, and
who, I know, will continue to take the Commission forward.

“This feels a practicable moment for the Chairman and the Board to move to
appoint a successor in time to begin responding to what the forthcoming general
election may bring. Just over six years feels to me a reasonable tenure of the

A departure date is yet to be agreed according to the blog.

Bundred took over the running of the Audit Commission in 2003 after running
Camden Borough Council in London.

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