Accountant jailed over oil fraud

An accountant has been jailed two years for his part in an illegal oil scam,
involving an eight-man gang in Liverpool.

Jason Main, 33, an accountant from Glasgow was found guilty of ‘conspiracy to
launder the proceeds of criminal conduct between January 2001 and August 2002’
on behalf of two businessmen, Kevin Campbell and Thomas McCague.

A three-year HMRC investigation into the fraud found that the eight men
bought, transported and sold illegal fuel to haulage and coach companies and to
fraudulent filling stations. This resulted in some £1.4m of lost fuel tax

The court heard that Main laundered cash earned from the business via his
Glasgow office, and operated various bank accounts in an attempt to disguise the
origins of the money.

The case was successfully prosecuted by the newly-established Revenue &
Customs Prosecutions Office (RCPO).

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