SOFTWORLD SPECIAL – Albany shows ‘intelligent’ payment and debit

At Softworld Accounting & Finance, eTransactions software author, Albany, launched the industry’s first ‘intelligent’ Collection Management system, ALBACS CMS, a web-enabled, Integrated Enterprise Application solution.

CMS has been designed to simplify and automate the management of high volume, multiple direct debit collections and credit card payments across the enterprise, requiring no manual intervention from the end user at any stage of the process.

ALBACS CMS is the first off-the-shelf solution to be available to upper tier-two and tier-one organisations. CMS is also unique in that it supports the full range of payment collection options including Direct Debits, Payment cards and Credit cards, which, the company claims, makes it the most flexible product available in the market.

Adrian Stafford-Jones, managing director at Albany Software, said: ‘CMS is an intelligent suite of software that is faster than any other collection management solution currently available. We believe it can process more than ten times the number of transactions of any other solution through the use of background and overnight scheduling.’

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