Taking Stock – Fast mover revs up his overall (wearing) ability

TS’s very own Murray Walker discovered the world of accountancy’s answer to Damon Hill in the Paddock of Donnington motor racing circuit in Derbyshire recently.

Meet chartered accountant Cliff Ryan, whose mission in life, he says, is to dispel the myth that accountants are boring and stand in the corner at parties.

Most weekends, after boy racer Cliff ditches his work attire, he dons a rather natty all-in-one fireproof race overall, a very fetching helmet, and takes to the track in his souped-up Jaguar for the XJS Challenge race series.

TS caught up with Cliff just before he was about to hit the grid and burn some rubber: ‘It’s all about having fun really, I thought it would be a different and funky way of promoting my practice as it fits in with the type of clients I serve who are in the music industry. I’m probably the most unlikely looking accountant most people are ever likely to meet.’

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