New measures for ICAEW regions

Calling for a ‘step change’ in working practices, a report presented to the institute’s council meeting today said there would be a need for ‘clear demonstrable deliverables’ to justify the new infrastructure.

The report, compiled by the director of regional services at the institute, set out how each region would have to boost attendance at events and make half of the activities self-financing by 2003.

Every region would need to organise four major activities a year, attended by at least 200 members, a quarter of which would not have been to a regional or district society event in the past three years.

Regional staff will be required to complete timesheets to show how their time is actually used and to aid recovery of costs.

The report highlighted a number of difficulties facing the regional services department, including a reluctance by local staff and office holders to appreciate fully the degree of commercial activity necessary to achieve full recovery rates and a lack of awareness at the centre of the district society finances.


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