ICAI to rebut Varney report at Westminster

The Institute of Chartered
Accountants in Ireland
(ICAI) has been invited to present its rebuttal of
Varney report
to the House of Commons’ Northern Ireland Affairs Committee at
Westminster on February 27th.

The Committee will debate the analysis offered by Sir David Varney who has
rejected the case for reducing the corporation tax rate in Northern Ireland to
that used in the Republic of Ireland.

ICAI, a key player in the debate, will be publishing its rebuttal document on
the day of the committee hearing which co-incides with an ICAI gathering of
political and business figures in Northern Ireland to discuss the case for a
special tax rate for Northern Ireland, as distinct from the one used in the rest
of the UK, reports.

‘ICAI is an all island organisation, and our members have first hand
knowledge and experience of how a low corporation tax rate contributes to the
economy,’ Brian Keegan, ICAI director of taxation, said. ‘We want to bring this
knowledge and experience to the debate on Northern Ireland tax policy, and
correct the points overlooked in the Varney Review.’

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