Taking Stock – Thorny issue of Rose’s departure.

Rumours that ACCA chief executive Anthea Rose will be staying on beyond the end of next year are unfounded, TS hears. There had been suggestions that Rose, a formidable character who has led ACCA’s expansion across the globe in recent years, would be staying on beyond what she had told colleagues would be her planned date for standing down. But TS understands she has now sent a note to senior officers reminding them of her departure.

But the job, which is expected to be advertised in the new year, is not one for the faint hearted as ACCA is no stranger to internal conflict.

Its most vocal critic is Essex university professor Prem Sikka whose ceaseless campaigning against the association has so far failed to generate a grounds-well for change among fellow members. And 18 months ago of course ACCA’s president-elect, Ray Gardiner, was dramatically removed after a vote of no-confidence. When any brave candidates emerge, we’ll let you know.

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