IMC Certified Practices

IMC is about to launch a brand new concept in the assessment of consultants working in medium and large practices. The Certified Practice, as it will be known, will align the training and assessment of its consultants in such a way that equivalence is achieved with the IMC Certified Management Consultant (CMC) qualification. The beauty of the system is that the training and assessment of consultants can be fully tailored to the work of the practice and the individual whilst fully meeting the rigorous criteria of the revised CMC qualification. In other words, relevance of the procedure can be maintained within the practice, duplication of effort in the application process to IMC avoided, and recognition and portability of a recognised qualification achieved. Also, the new CMC qualification will be eligible for CATS points which can be offset against a Masters degree in management consultancy.

If you are responsible for training and assessment in your practice, and would like to explore the possibility of developing the Certified Practice concept, contact the IMC professional registrar to arrange an informal discussion. A member of the IMC Council will be made available to prepare you for the application to become a Certified Practice at no charge to the practice. If agreement can be reached, a formal audit of the training and assessment procedures will be undertaken. If successful the new Certified Practice will be able to recommend candidates to the IMC for Certified Management Consultant status.

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