The Financial Week Ahead – Newswatch: Educational assessment is their

Goal plc is the company and global online assessment of learning is the idea – and this Friday the year-old venture takes to AIM to raise #10m for its ambitious expansion plans. Goal has pinpointed the affinity young people have with the internet and has developed an online test to benefit schoolchildren, parents and teachers. Finance director Andrew Clayton explains: ‘Students are asked a range of questions electronically, eliciting their responses electronically, analysing them and giving interpretations to teachers on how those youngsters are performing.’ The educational technology will free up hard-pressed teachers’ time so they can teach more and encourage internet-obsessed kids to learn more. The link-up will cost about #3 a child, with annual prices ranging from #450 to #1,250 for primary schools. Secondary schools will pay between #1,750 and #4,500. A virtual classroom to the 2.5 million schoolchildren with home internet access will cost up to #30 per child. Clayton believes market share will develop to around five per cent of the home market. ‘A significant proportion of the funds will be used for the development of the products as we move into other markets,’ he says. Tests for sixth formers, GNVQ and IQ tests are among those goals, which should make for a bright future for all concerned.

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