Dotcom wealth now completely eroded

Link: Dotcom crash fuels insolvency

According to the Mercury News a sudden sell-off, sparked by a warning of poor profits at a key tech firm and further economic worries, hit tech stocks particularly hard.

The collapse of the bubble has now destroyed $4.4 trillion of wealth in the Nasdaq composite stocks – including $1 trillion in Silicon Valley’s 150 largest companies. This is more than the bubble actually created.

This week the Nasdaq at stands around 1180 – around 75% below its peak.

Optimists claim the rebound to come any day now as people seize the chance to catch the next tech wave at cut prices.

A bullish Cisco chief executive John Chambers told investors at the Bank of America conference that while the downturn has lasted longer than many expected ‘When the recovery occurs, I think it will be quicker than people expected.’

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