Systems Union in Tahola tie-up

Tahola said the agreement, which takes effect from this month, will give added scope to its financial IT services throughout the UK and Europe.

Business intelligence, a form of data warehousing coupled with data analysis, aims to improve financial and business analysis.

Once it is implemented, it is flexible and easy to use on reports which are often available automatically over the internet, and it can be used by most staff to determine what affects business performance.

Tahola managing director Geoff McClure said: ‘Our aim has always been to help financial departments with better reporting and less paperwork. But more importantly, is the wealth of other information held in all company systems can have a massive impact on business.

‘Once the information is released and joined up, this is powerful knowledge for other managers, from marketing to human resources, so it shouldn’t be hidden or lost’.

Tahola offers its business intelligence service from #5,000 – and said results can be rapid and striking. The associate announcement with Systems Union follows on from similar reseller agreements between Tahola, Microsoft and Cognos.

‘We’re delighted about the agreement with Systems Union as it potentially means being able to provide our services to a wider client base – whether internationally or through the supply chain – and now being able to work on any operating system.

Sun Systems software also allows us access to multicurrency data’, added McClure.



Systems Union

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